Sunday, 8 August 2010

Koy Fish Art Design On Ladies T-shirt

This Koy fish art design is a tattoo design that someone has designed quite traditionally as Koy art designs go with the water splashing at the sides and the colorful Koy fish looks like it's having a good time splashing around.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Valentines Day Rose Art Keychain

Valentines Day is a day where us men have to show that we love our lady friends and so with a Valentines Day rose art keychain, which you can customize with your partners name actually on the customization link before you buy it.

There are other Valentines day gifts that you could find too, so it's worth a look.

Halloween Witch Art Postage Stamps (U.S Postage)

U.S postage in the form of these Halloween witch art ostage stamps and you can get 20 stamps for the price of $21, or you could shop the Zazzle marketplace for some other unique designs.

The Witch art that you see below was drawn and created by artist Wayne Tully and he does a lot of this stuff for commission based fees and other stuff, you may want to contact him through his blog at Wayne Tully Fantasy Art

So if you need to send out some Halloween invitations, then use these Halloween witch art stamps to send them.

Azmodeus Dark Angels Charon Mousepad

A cool angel mousepad that was featured on Zazzle, it's of a Dark Angel apparently and the art looks painted and then digitally tinkered with to create some special effects like on the fire at the bottom and possibly some other design elements.

It's a cool piece of art and it really shows that if you have great artistic talent, then you can try and make money out of it.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Lick It Demon Art Hoodie Top

I thought it was quite fun at the time to create a demon with a long tongue with a phrase like Lick It! and post it on my Zazzle store, the design itself has undergone a few color changes over the couple of years since I drew it.

When I first created the design, I inked it and coloured it loosely in felt tip pens and that was that, but over a year later I downloaded Gimp and bought the Photoshop software for my computer and this enabled me to color my art much better and through the tools that also helped me to blend and smudge the colors so that they appeared more smoother and none of the felt tip streaks would be present in my artwork.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Merry Christmas Santa Clause Small Poster

This is a design that my partner Amanda coloured from one of my drawings of a Santa Clause head.

See the Christmas posters category for the full range of different posters available on Zazzle, you might find something good to buy in time for Christmas.

Discount Codes And Promotional Discounts On Zazzle

One of the best things that I like about Zazzle is the amount of Zazzle discounts and promotions on offer almost every week and on special seasonal holidays and if you plan on buying often then discount codes would be great for getting money off Zazzle product items.

Of course if you buy from your own store you save money anyway, but also getting a discount is nice aswell.

You can see these discounts whether you are logged in or not at the top of the Zazzle home page and many other product category pages and they are worth looking out for to save a little money at gift times, just remember to write it down exactly as it is to take advantage of the saving.

Always check out the Zazzle home page for these special discounts that really do save you money

Vampire Head Art T-shirt

This vampire drawing I really was going to feature in my forthcoming ebook on how to draw fantasy creatures, but decided to feature it in my Zazzle store instead, it's a simple drawing that looks quite like Dracula the traditional Dracula that is with the dark flicked back hair.

The T-shirt you see this vampire drawing on, you can choose from a selection of other t-shirt styles and it's really a case of finding the right size t-shirt to suit you.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Birthday Cake Keychain Keyring

A birthday cake design that says whoevers birthday it is they are 3 years old because of the 3 candles, celebrate anyone older than this and have a laugh at the three candles and secretly mock them for being 3 years old.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Skull Art Keychain By Wayne Tully

Skull art drawing on a keychain by artist Wayne Tully.

This is a skull art drawing that was drawn with a black sharpie marker and it was a quick drawing to draw.

Congratulations Greeting Card Art

Congratulations greeting card art featuring an oil painting that would brighten up anyones day.

Star Wars Skateboard - Original Star Wars Art Poster on Skateboard

This Star Wars skateboard has the original Star Wars art that was featured on the DVD's and so it has a great placement on this Star Wars Skateboard.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Framed Skull Art By Wayne Tully

This framed skull art by artist Wayne Tully was originally a pen and ink drawing which was shaded with a HB pencil and then inverted on the computer using Microsoft Paint, which is what most PC's have on already.

And so the flaming skull was slightly demonic like, which made for an interesting piece of art and it looks quite funky as it almost glows off the paper.

Tree Of Life Abstract Skateboard Design

This abstract skateboard design just jumps out at you and is quite striking, yet a simple design at first glance and yet it is a complex one too, with the contrasting white and black designs.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zazzle International Websites

Zazzle operates on several different international domains for specific countries and their respective currencies. Here you can find all of them and choose the one that suits you best for shopping on or building your very own Zazzle Stores.

Smoke Skull Mousepad

Found this smoke skull mousepad and thought wow! It has definitely inspired me to have a go at something like this, the skull design is perfectly set up and drawn and shaded to a high contrast and it makes me wonder if there is actually more art disappearing off the edge...

Smoke Skull mousepad
Smoke Skull by zapdos883
Browse more mousepads with

Zazzle Promotion Tips Part Two

Promoting Zazzle products is the name of the game as we established in part one of our tips for promoting Zazzle, there are lots of marketing methods that you should get to grips with quite early on for your earning potential power through Zazzle.

One possible way is promoting through social networks, we already mentioned about Twitter in Part One, but you can promote on Facebook too and Wordpress or Blogger if you have a blog on these popular blogging platforms, there are some social network links under each product on Zazzle, but also bare in mind that you could promote on any other social network that you are a member of and remember to write your promotional posts in different ways with different selections of keywords as this will help to rank your products in the search engines whilst also spreading the awareness of your product designs.

Now you may hear talk of the dofollow and the nofollow tag attribute, these are so that in the case of a dofollow tag this will mean that anything that you link to will be indexed in the search engines and the nofollow tag is where it is not, but I do recommend you doing a mix of these as they both could potentially drive some traffic to your products as people search regardless of dofollow and nofollow tags externally and internally, so go for it!

Use the Sharethis link, it is your gateway to many different social bookmarking sites on the internet, but beware, some of these may just ban Zazzle in time for excessive spam, as some other sites have been banned because of people not reading the posting rules and therefore ruined it for others, so do link out sparingly and not every  5 minutes of the day, you could set a bookmarking schedule like many other Zazzlers do to one or two links per day each social bookmarking site.

Watch out for Zazzle Promotion Tips Part 3

Zazzle Promotion Tips Part One

Zazzle has a built in affiliate program that when you have created your own gallery on Zazzle, you can then promote any product on the Zazzle Marketplace, this is the place were all the many different products are found by order of special keyword phrases that can actually be found in search results externally too.

But to earn anything from Zazzle, it is recommended that you promote your own zazzle gallery and have back ups in place to promote others art too for extra earning, whilst alot of the most popular designs on Zazzle are ones that are seasonal like Christmas and Halloween for example, there are the occasions and events type produts that do very well too, such as the party invitations and the flyers to name a few.

Promotion is in built very well into Zazzle with the link feature that you can use to link either with the actual product image or the design image or simply a link to the gift/product and with this you can post to your blog or anywhere that accepts html code, such as a Myspace profile page, or Facebook Page or even your own website, the key is to show the images of your product designs and so you can also use a merch booth flash panel which is a revolving window that shows the products that is in yours or the person that the Zazzle gallery is owned by.

The Twitter feature is also a great one to use as you can set up ready made tweets of any product on Zazzle or you can customize your own which is what I would recommend and with this method of promotion it is best to have your Twitter network set up so that you have a relevant target audience to recieve your product tweets and also by making use of the hashtag you are associating an individual tweet with a keyword or two.

The key though is to actively create new products for your Zazzle store quite regularly as this helps to alert new fans through email of your new products, which is another great promotional tool that you have at your disposal as a Zazzle designer.

Making money with Zazzle is a business and should be treated as such.

Read Part Two of our Zazzle Promotion Tips here!

Save The Date Wedding Postcard Design

If you plan on getting married, then these save the date wedding postcards are ideal for you to send out to people to save that date for attending the wedding!

I liked this design as it looks quite wedding focused with the flowers, but you can customize it to Christenings, birthdays or any event you can think of, so check it out!.

Happy Birthday Balloon Clown Birthday Card

My wife created this balloon clown happy bithday card design and it looks pretty good, she coloured the clown in with Gimp, the free computer art software and I reckon she did a good job of it too.

You can buy this birthday card on Zazzle....

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gothic Fairy with cats keychain Meredith Dillman from

A fantastic fairy art keyring by Fantasy artist Meredith Dillman, one I've certainly favourited, the thing is there are so many fantasy art collectibles on Zazzle and it would take me ages to buy all of that stuff, oh well!

Gothic Fairy with cats keychain Meredith Dillman from

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Batman Comic Book Art Poster

A Batman comic book art poster which looks like a Jim Lee piece of comic art, although I'm not sure, I know he did a run on Batman for awhile with his fantastically styled artwork.

A Thousand Bats print
A Thousand Bats by batman
See all the other artwork on zazzle

Friday, 2 July 2010

Dora The Explorer Keychain

Dora the explorer is a great cartoon character for the kids and secretly the adults who like to watch and help Dora on her many adventures with Boots, here is a keychain with a Dora Design on it and is ideal for kids.....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Antique 1660 World Map Poster

As a kid these types of old world maps would fascinate me as they weren't like maps that we know today which are formed through precise sattelite photography data, they had to be captured by a lot of guess work and exact illustrations of land structures and this Antique map of the world in 1660 is a reflection of the times back then, you can check out other map posters here.

And what's quite notable about these old antique maps is that they are designed with illustration in mind with the designs around the map as back then they thought the world was round, which it is not really when you factor in gravity!

Cartoon Pig Thank You Card

A cartoon pig thank you card, so if you need to say thanks to someone, then it says it all in a simple but effective nicely designed piggy thank you card.....oink oink!!

Harry Potter Hogwarts School Crests Posters - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff

Harry Potter Hogwarts crests of the main School groups Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff school crests.




Ravenclaw Crest print
Ravenclaw Crest by harrypotter
View all the artwork on


Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Head Girl Poster

A vintage style Halloween poster of a pumpkin head girl, a classic Halloween poster.....

Fantastic Dark Skull Horror Art Stickers To Buy

This dark skull horror art sticker is a superbly realised piece of art and it's one I bought, because of it's cool inspirational design of the Skulls screaming in the darkness.

Dark Skull Stickers sticker
Dark Skull Stickers by iamnikstone
Shop all other custom sticker available on

Evil Skull Iron Cross Sticker

Skull art stickers, the iron cross design is maybe only evil because it is the classic German cross shape that the Nazis wore in World War 2, you can get a sheet of 20 separate stickers.....

4th Of July T-shirt

4th of July tee shirt design with a star which is symbolic of the American flag design and the 4th of July is a very important and celebratory American holiday and that's what this T-shirt represents!

Buy the 4th of July t-shirt below....

Sponge Bob Squarepants Kids T-shirt

A sponge bob squarepants design on a kids t-shirt also with the phrase "I'm ready for my close up!" and there are many other cool Sponge Bob Products and gifts to the Sponge Bob Zazzle Store

Lucky 8 Keychain - Only Buy If You Believe In The Luck Power Of The Number 8

Lucky number 8 keychain, ideal to carry around with you to be lucky at all times, the chinese prefer this number 8, because it is a lucky number for them, so maybe it will be lucky for you to.....

Myka Jelina Gothic Skateboard And Design

Here is a skateboard from fantasy gothic artist Myka Jelina and she is an artist who does gothic fairies and she creates them with style....

Skull Art Round Magnet For Sale

A skull art design drawn by Wayne Tully and then scanned in as a computer image and coloured with Gimp a free computer art imaging software. Then the design was transferred to these round magnets which you can buy unlimited amounts of if you wanted to.....

Merry-go-round Fair Ground Poster

This fairground photo was taken during the day at a closed fair which opened later on that night, it was nice and sunny and you could see the merry go round horses in all their colorful magical brightness.