Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zazzle Promotion Tips Part One

Zazzle has a built in affiliate program that when you have created your own gallery on Zazzle, you can then promote any product on the Zazzle Marketplace, this is the place were all the many different products are found by order of special keyword phrases that can actually be found in search results externally too.

But to earn anything from Zazzle, it is recommended that you promote your own zazzle gallery and have back ups in place to promote others art too for extra earning, whilst alot of the most popular designs on Zazzle are ones that are seasonal like Christmas and Halloween for example, there are the occasions and events type produts that do very well too, such as the party invitations and the flyers to name a few.

Promotion is in built very well into Zazzle with the link feature that you can use to link either with the actual product image or the design image or simply a link to the gift/product and with this you can post to your blog or anywhere that accepts html code, such as a Myspace profile page, or Facebook Page or even your own website, the key is to show the images of your product designs and so you can also use a merch booth flash panel which is a revolving window that shows the products that is in yours or the person that the Zazzle gallery is owned by.

The Twitter feature is also a great one to use as you can set up ready made tweets of any product on Zazzle or you can customize your own which is what I would recommend and with this method of promotion it is best to have your Twitter network set up so that you have a relevant target audience to recieve your product tweets and also by making use of the hashtag you are associating an individual tweet with a keyword or two.

The key though is to actively create new products for your Zazzle store quite regularly as this helps to alert new fans through email of your new products, which is another great promotional tool that you have at your disposal as a Zazzle designer.

Making money with Zazzle is a business and should be treated as such.

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