Sunday, 8 August 2010

Koy Fish Art Design On Ladies T-shirt

This Koy fish art design is a tattoo design that someone has designed quite traditionally as Koy art designs go with the water splashing at the sides and the colorful Koy fish looks like it's having a good time splashing around.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Valentines Day Rose Art Keychain

Valentines Day is a day where us men have to show that we love our lady friends and so with a Valentines Day rose art keychain, which you can customize with your partners name actually on the customization link before you buy it.

There are other Valentines day gifts that you could find too, so it's worth a look.

Halloween Witch Art Postage Stamps (U.S Postage)

U.S postage in the form of these Halloween witch art ostage stamps and you can get 20 stamps for the price of $21, or you could shop the Zazzle marketplace for some other unique designs.

The Witch art that you see below was drawn and created by artist Wayne Tully and he does a lot of this stuff for commission based fees and other stuff, you may want to contact him through his blog at Wayne Tully Fantasy Art

So if you need to send out some Halloween invitations, then use these Halloween witch art stamps to send them.

Azmodeus Dark Angels Charon Mousepad

A cool angel mousepad that was featured on Zazzle, it's of a Dark Angel apparently and the art looks painted and then digitally tinkered with to create some special effects like on the fire at the bottom and possibly some other design elements.

It's a cool piece of art and it really shows that if you have great artistic talent, then you can try and make money out of it.