Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Zazzle Promotion Tips Part Two

Promoting Zazzle products is the name of the game as we established in part one of our tips for promoting Zazzle, there are lots of marketing methods that you should get to grips with quite early on for your earning potential power through Zazzle.

One possible way is promoting through social networks, we already mentioned about Twitter in Part One, but you can promote on Facebook too and Wordpress or Blogger if you have a blog on these popular blogging platforms, there are some social network links under each product on Zazzle, but also bare in mind that you could promote on any other social network that you are a member of and remember to write your promotional posts in different ways with different selections of keywords as this will help to rank your products in the search engines whilst also spreading the awareness of your product designs.

Now you may hear talk of the dofollow and the nofollow tag attribute, these are so that in the case of a dofollow tag this will mean that anything that you link to will be indexed in the search engines and the nofollow tag is where it is not, but I do recommend you doing a mix of these as they both could potentially drive some traffic to your products as people search regardless of dofollow and nofollow tags externally and internally, so go for it!

Use the Sharethis link, it is your gateway to many different social bookmarking sites on the internet, but beware, some of these may just ban Zazzle in time for excessive spam, as some other sites have been banned because of people not reading the posting rules and therefore ruined it for others, so do link out sparingly and not every  5 minutes of the day, you could set a bookmarking schedule like many other Zazzlers do to one or two links per day each social bookmarking site.

Watch out for Zazzle Promotion Tips Part 3

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